Thursday, 29 March 2012

I've been poorly sick

Good Scrap Habby Crevening to you.

Well I have been sick for the past few days but I feel like I am getting a little better, I will not go into details but it was not pretty.  So thats why I have not been online for a while.

I must say my trip to my sisters on Sunday was awesome and the weather was so so nice. I forgot to take my camara but I will next time.

Anyway I had downloaded some pics but haven't posted them yet so I thought I would do it now.  I hope that you enjoy. And just to let you know I will be doing my first sale in June at the Golden Lion In Northallerton, I am super excited and cannot wait.

So Hope you enjoy these pics.

 This is an idea from Rach0113 on Youtube. She has great vids on Youtube check her out. I love her style, and her video producing is fab so please check her out.
Have a Scrap Habby  day xx

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Good Scrap Habby Saturday to you all.

Well Good evening to you all , I have been really busy at work over the last two days.  But I now have a chance to get back onto my computer!.

I have some great news i will be doing a Craft Fair In Northallerton on June 6th so it would be great to see you there. I will also be doing some of the car boot sales in Bedal but I will let you know when as I am working the next few Saturdays boo hoo!!!

To day I have been experimenting with Microporous tape, to replicate Tim Holtz tissue tape. and it works like a charm. A bit more experimenting with it i think but a great first result.

I have also been getting all my ribbons together and got a spring loaded rod and put it into the space in my book case and placed my ribbons there and it is a great space saver as well as keeping all the ribbons from getting tangled up. it cost £2.20 from Boyes. It is just another move to an organised life!!
Well I am off to my sisters in Cumbria for Sunday Dinner tomorrow so no crafting for me ( sad face!) but on the bright side I do not have to cook Sunday Dinner!  May be a little washing up, but thats what the kids are for!!! HAve a Scrap Habby weekend and catch up soon xx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Yep Me Again!

Well my Dad came we had a nice cupper and a scone. Took the dog out for a walk and then I decided to spring clean my craft room which I am so pleased about as i found a whole heap of stuff I had forgotten about yay jackpot!

I also finished the other of my thrift store projects.  So I am now ready to craft some more for my new venture. I am so excited I cannot wait .  But it will have to as I have work tomorrow and Saturday then its off to my sisters in Cumbria for sunday dinner, yum yum!

Well I will see you tomorrow night.  Hope you like the pics. Stay crafty and have a Scrap Habby Night xx

Good Crafty Morning to y 'all!

Well what a Crafty Morning I have had this Morning.  I have been decorating some items I have purchased from the thrift store. Going on a steam punk theme, using homemade tissue tape, paper flowers and embossed stamped images. I just love making my own embellishments it makes a project so much more personal.

Well I have to go now as my Dad will be poping over for a brew and scone, plus i will be at work tomorrow so I will see if I can get online tomorrow night.

I may be back this Crafternoon.  Have a wonderful morning and stay Scrap Habby!x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Another Crafternoon in Scrap Habby Land!

Well as I said yesturday I am getting together my stock for selling at various fairs and car boot sales.  I have also joined so i will get more stock made and open up a shop very soon.  There will be a link to there from my blog.

There will be cards, wall hangings and sewn items such as cushions and coss stitch projects. I will also be looking into wedding invitations as I have just finished my Brother in laws invitations for his wedding in Sept. So watch this space.

Have a Scrap Habby Crafternoon xx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Having Crafternoon fun!

Making when I really should be getting tea ready!! opps!

Happy Days of Spring

Good Crafternoon to you all,
Well first day of spring and I am feeling very creative. I have been making plaques to hang round the house with amusing sentiments on them. I have also been preparing my stock for when I begin all my craft, car boot sales and country fairs this year along with my sister who has just moved up to Cumbria. So lots of inspiration there!