Thursday, 29 March 2012

I've been poorly sick

Good Scrap Habby Crevening to you.

Well I have been sick for the past few days but I feel like I am getting a little better, I will not go into details but it was not pretty.  So thats why I have not been online for a while.

I must say my trip to my sisters on Sunday was awesome and the weather was so so nice. I forgot to take my camara but I will next time.

Anyway I had downloaded some pics but haven't posted them yet so I thought I would do it now.  I hope that you enjoy. And just to let you know I will be doing my first sale in June at the Golden Lion In Northallerton, I am super excited and cannot wait.

So Hope you enjoy these pics.

 This is an idea from Rach0113 on Youtube. She has great vids on Youtube check her out. I love her style, and her video producing is fab so please check her out.
Have a Scrap Habby  day xx

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